My name is Masoud Naservand. I am a software developer. I have worked on various open source and free software projects.


Notable projects


Picture of a simple chess board rendered by raylib

A program to play chess against various chess engines. Written in C and using raylib for all the graphics. Probably needs a better name.

So far the chess rules are working (it works but it's too hacky. Much smarter people than I have already solved this problem much better than the monstrocity I have created here but I wanted to implement the chess rules from a clean sheet and with no regard for performance. I am not writing a chess engine after all.)

I need to implement a UCI interface to actually talk to chess engines and also add some polish like a settings menu to change the chess board and chess pieces.


A gif of a random state game of life advancing in time for a few iterations

Implements Conway's game of life, and makes a png file for each iteration. Easy to assemble them all into a gif or video


Picture of a html table showing contents of a directory

A file server written in go. With a custom (and pretty imo) view using purecss for showing contents of directories. Mostly meant to be run on a local network to easily share files.

The search bar is a joy to use as it filters the table rows as you type


A very simple go program that accepts ssh connections on a given port and logs each connection attempt like this:

2023/09/20 15:59:39 SSH connection from ip=[], username=[root], password=[123456], version=[SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_9.4]

Now you can do with this log as you wish.